There is so much trouble and strife in the world

… So much inequality …

… are you the generation to sort it out?

… would you rather build bridges than walls?

… would you like to do something really wonderful for others?

… if so, we’d really like to help you achieve your aims.

about this award …

We call our principal award the “Individual Project Award”.

This is a financial grant made to assist a young Catholic, who wishes to undertake some individual project by volunteering to do something wonderful for someone else. This could be on your own, or with others, organised by you or through another organisation, but the essential thing that the Trustees are looking for is that you will be doing something of benefit to others – not yourself.

count me in …

Whilst we will never fully cover all your expenses, we do make serious awards. So the application process is serious and comprehensive.

You will need to share a lot of your personal information with us, so that we can assess the quality of your project and make a suitable award.

We are developing an online system for you to apply, but until that is ready you can continue to download our form in PDF format, which you can complete and then email to us.

If you feel there is some reason why you deserve special help, then tell us about it.

To be eligible for an award from us you must:

  • Be a Catholic or a member of a faith in communion with Rome. You will be required to provide a reference from your Parish Priest or School or University Chaplain to confirm this.
  • Be between your 16th and 25th birthday on the date of travel.
  • Demonstrate that you will be spending at least 15 full working days actually engaged in the delivery of your project. This excludes all pre-project training, travel time and any period of acclimatisation.
  • Demonstrate that your proposed project is voluntary and will be of benefit to other people, who need your help.
  • You do NOT need to have any knowledge of, or acquaintance with, the Catenian Association.

To Apply for an
Individual Project Award

You are about to enter our online application system.

We make serious awards and require you to provide a serious amount of information. We therefore strongly recommend that before you start to complete our Application process you check that you have all the information you will need to hand.

You can download a list of the information you will require here.

If you have any queries as to whether you are eligible please contact the administrator by email: