We want to help young Catholics to help others …

Every year many young Catholics travel to Lourdes to work as a helper or as support staff to an assisted pilgrim. We know this can be a life-changing experience, and if you do plan to go, then we’d like to help you with your expenses. This can be on your own, or with an HCPT or Diocesan Pilgrimage, and we also support those providing the same service to assisted pilgrims on the Jumbulance.

See how a pilgrimage can change your life

Liam made the pilgrimage to Lourdes twice with his Diocese, as a helper for assisted pilgrims. He found it to be a life changing experience.

About the award

Most young Catholics arrange to travel to Lourdes with the HCPT or with their Diocesan Pilgrimage, but we will consider all applications. We will also assist those who wish to perform the same service for assisted travellers on the Jumbulance.

You don’t have to know or have any connections with the Catenians to receive an award. All you have to do is to apply.

To apply you will need to complete our simple application form. We make serious awards, and will require some of your personal information, so the form starts by seeking your agreement to us sharing and using your data in order to assess whether you are eligible for an award.

To apply simply click the button below and complete our “Lourdes” award application form.

What have you got to lose?


Our usual conditions of award apply:

  • You must be a Catholic, or a member of a faith in full communion with Rome.
  • You must be aged between your 16th and 25th birthday, or are in year 11 and become 16 by 31st August in that pilgrimage year.